The Genesis

On the 24th day of June 1991, while in his penultimate year as an undergraduate student in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria the Lord gave His servant OLUFUNSO JOSEPH OMIDIRAN a commission: “LivingSword……….Healing unto the Nations” He defined it as a “Ministry of Comfort to the Afflicted, Rest for the Weary, Consolation and Restoration to the Down-trodden and Healing unto the Nations….. Healing unto the Nations…H…H…”

This vision was officially inaugurated on the 4th day of October 1997. Henceforth, we chose not to be ‘disobedient unto the heavenly vision’ Acts 26:19. We also trust that we shall be found faithful in God’s presence. Formally known at inception as Living Sword Ministries International, the same Commision was renamed LivingSword Apostolic Network Inc.
LivingSword Apostolic Network Inc is a network of Christian Ministries with a multifaceted mandate to bring peoples of all nations to know the amazing love and power of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.